We’re hiring!

We’re hiring in these categories:

  • Research Engineers.

  • Cloud Architects and Software Engineers.

  • Research Scientists (science ~= creativity) in ML, NLP or speech/audio/signal processing. .

  • Machine Learning Interns, just as awesome as the Research Engineers/Scientists but still doing their master’s/PhD.

  • Neuroscience students or recent grads with exceptional scientific writing skills ready to take ownership over entire clinical/academic projects.

  • MDs and PhDs that are top 1% communicators (high empathy) and read scientific papers on a Sunday morning.

  • Advocates, health care workers and senior academics.

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You (it’s great to meet!)

For most of these roles we need people who are exceptionally technical and unconventional. Who solves impossible problems. Who table-flip the checkers board when losing “because it’s a stupid game requiring no strategy” and propose to switch to Go (chess is sooo February 1996). Ideally someone who tries to make up new rules.

You need to have an appetite to work on fundamentally hard problems; a glass-is-overflowing type of person who laughs at the 9th failed attempt.

We want people who grow naturally (professionally and more importantly as human beings), that we can grow, and who can grow us. A+++ but we actually mean it.

Most important: you need to have a good reason for being here and wanting to work with us.

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