Having your brain health checked
should be as easy as having a conversation

We are predicting brain disease from speech

– 20 years before clinical symptoms occur

Novoic is the world’s leading company applying speech as a clinical tool in neurological disease Leveraging world-class in-house machine learning research and the largest proprietary dataset of its kind, our technology detects the early signs of dementia decades before it’s done today. From just a short voice recording.

One in two people will develop a brain disease in their lifetime.

There’s currently no scalable way to detect these disease early enough.

Making speech the game-changing modality in neurological disease

The words you say – and the way you say them – change as your brain gets affected by disease

These changes occur decades before clinical symptoms appear

At Novoic, we’re building a platform to detect these subtle changes in speech

Computational linguistics

Our scientists produce world-class linguistic research, forging a new understanding of how the brain produces language and detecting the subtle semantic/syntactic changes associated with disease.

Speech processing

Using raw speech signals our scientists analyze the prosodic, acoustic and affective elements of speech, learning how they change when the brain’s health deteriorates.

Machine learning

Bleeding-edge advances in supervised and unsupervised ML make this possible by finding patterns in our large, proprietary datasets of speech paired with biomarkers and other health data.

Cloud infrastructure

We do this to build real-world products for clinicians and patients. Our asynchronous data processing infrastructure handles data in real time and at scale – ensuring security and compliance.

Turning this technology into the world’s first speech-based clinical diagnostic tool


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