Decoding the brain from speech

At Novoic, we develop the next generation of medical AI algorithms to detect neurological disease earlier, by analysing how people speak.

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A 5-minute speech based test

Novoic fully automates speech based testing

The next revolution in medicine will be in neurology

The last decade has seen meaningful advances in cancer treatment, accelerated by novel technologies such as next-generation sequencing and AI-based algorithms for interpreting medical images.

Neurological disease and mental health are the biggest unsolved problem in medicine today. Still, in today’s clinical practice, we use pen and paper tests to get information about the brain.

Next-generation speech biomarkers will change this.

A breakthrough in AI models that understand language

In 2017 a new class of AI models were invented for understanding audio and language, that were a magnitude better than previous models.

When this happened with image-based AI, it disrupted medicine. Now language-based AI will do the same.

Building the next generation of speech biomarkers

We found that on their own, neither traditional signal processing approaches to extracting clinically relevant speech patterns, nor the new class of AI models were good enough to detect disease early.

Combining new technological advances with a deep clinical understanding, we’re building the foundational technology for the next generation of medical AI algorithms. For the first time, our custom machine learning architectures can detect early-stage disease accurately from a few minute speech recording.


Novoic’s speech biomarker engine

Tech Stack

Gold standard clinical validation

Our AMYPRED-UK and AMYPRED-US studies investigated speech changes at the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. Results show that Novoic’s technology can pick up on subtle speech changes at the earliest stage of the disease – when patients would seem normal on all other tests that are available today. Detecting the disease this early allows patients and clinicians to manage the disease more effectively – adding valuable years to someone’s normal life. In Novoic, we understand that building cutting edge technology in itself is not enough. To create medically useful algorithms, all aspects of our platform needs to be thoroughly validated – so you can be sure that our test works well, and fairly on everyone Novoic is the first (and only) company to run large scale, gold-standard clinical trials to validate speech-based AI algorithms. See our studies on

Working with the best partners to accelerate time to clinic

Novoic’s tests are being rolled out worldwide as part of the world’s biggest speech biomarker initiative in Alzheimer’s Disease

Novoic works with the UK’s National Health System to test out its speech test in 7 different neurological and psychiatric indications

Speech changes in neurological disease. With the right technology, subtle speech changes can be detected very early

Novoic’s technology builds on decades of research that have shown that speech changes in specific ways in most neurological diseases: both ones that cause memory impairment (such as Alzheimer’s), ones that affect your motor system (such as Parkinson’s) and ones that affect your mood (such as Depression).

Importantly, these changes of speech start very early during the course of a disease. Often decades before someone would be diagnosed. 

These speech changes are very subtle, especially in the earliest stages of disease. To date, we haven’t had good enough technology to detect these subtle patterns well enough so they can be turned into medically useful tests.

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